• May 6-10


    Let's get ready to end a great month of learning!





    Reading-  We will the story Red, White, and Blue and You're a Grand Old Flag.  Our focus for the week will be author's purpose.   Read the story each night.   Our test will cover the story and the skill.     Review the passage attached.  Answer the questions and continue to get timed each night.  Review the study guide. 



    Focus Skill-  Author's Purpose

    An author has a purpose , or reason for writing. An author might write to entertain, to describe, or to explain.

    Selection Vocabulary - America,  freedom,  stripes,  birthday,  nicknames,  flag,  stars 



    Spelling- Abbreviations

    Mr.  Mrs.  St.  Jan.  Feb.  Aug.  Dr.  Ms.  Rd.  Oct. Nov.  Dec.  won  learn 



     *  Practice writing your words each night to enhance mastery and handwriting.

    *  Write the words in a sentence.



    Conventions- Quotation Marks


    Quotation marks show the beginning and ending of the words someone says.  Begin a quotation with a capital letter.  The speaker's name and words such as said or asked are not inside the quotation marks.  


    Math-  We will begin a unit on 3- digit addition and subtraction.   Our mixed fact test of (0-18) facts will also be on Thursday.  PLEASE continueto review the facts with your child each night.  Let's finish the year strong in math!


    Please remind your child to be on their best behavior on a daily basis.

    Please replenish pencils/erasers for your child.


    Send in $12.00 for the movie field trip.