• August 26-30






    Reading-  We will read the story Henry and Mudge.  Read the story each night.  Parents, please ask questions to check for comprehension.

    Test - Friday



    Focus Skill-  character and setting

    Characters are the peope or animals in the story.  The setting is the place and time of  a story.



    Spelling- Consonant Blends

    stop, strap, nest, hand, brave, ask, clip, stream, mask, twin, breeze, state, build, couldn't



     *  Practice writing your words each night to enhance mastery and handwriting.

    *  Write the words in a sentence.



    Conventions- Predicates


    The predicate tells what the subject of a sentence does or is.

    Test - Thursday


    Math-  We will discuss skills, Plus 1 or 2 Bingo, Comparing 2 numbers, Enough for the Class, Make 10, Tens Go Fish . 

    Test this week on skills and Fact test on Addends with 6.


    Please remind your child to be on their best behavior each day.