Paw Power  Paw Pride

    WELCOME to 6th grade. I am excited about having your child in my class this year!  Our class theme/motto is P.A.W.S. have P.R.I.D.E. (Prepared And Wonderful Students have a Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence). I also expect your child to exhibit P.A.W. POWER (have Positive Attitudes, Act Responsibly, & make Wise Choices)

    In my classroom, I have high expectations for student learning & behavior and I believe that respect (Taking Pride) and understanding (Together We Can) are the cornerstones of a good teacher-student-parent community.

    Sixth Grade is mostly about three (3) areas: 1) learning the skills & knowledge to succeed this year, in middle & high school and beyond, 2) learning to be independent & critical thinkers, and 3) learning to deal with different people & accepting them.