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    The vision of the Troy City School System Preschool Program is to prepare our children to enter the regular school program with a solid sense of security, positive self-esteem, and long-term enthusiasm for learning.  They will possess the confidence to realize their potential to develop as worthy and capable individuals.


    AGE REQUIREMENTS: Children must be 4 years old on or by September 1, 2022.  Children must be potty trained to begin pre-school program.

    HOURS: The 2021-2022 school year will be from 7:50 am - 2:50 pm Monday-Friday. Early Drop Off is available at 7:15 am and late pickup is available until 5:30 pm.


    Troy City Schools
    Pre-K Program T
    uition Policy
    2022-2023 School Year



    A full year tuition will be $4,200.00 for the school year.  A schedule of tuition payments is provided below for parents to plan and prepare for their monthly payments.  The full tuition amount is due whether your child attends full time or not.

    Employees of Troy City School System will have their tuition deducted from their paycheck for the coming month.  (Example:  tuition for October deducted from September paycheck)

    Tuition Schedule for 2022-2023 

    Each child’s tuition is an ongoing fee, which must be paid in advance by the date scheduled below.  To enable planning and staffing by the school system to provide these services all tuition must be collected when due.

    ALL TUITION MUST BE PAID ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH (or 1st business day if the first of the month falls on a weekend) FOR THE MONTH DUE AS SHOWN ON THE SCHEDULE BELOW: 




       DATE DUE



      August 9, 2022



      September 1, 2022



      October 3, 2022



      November 1, 2022



      December 1, 2022



      January 4, 2023



      February 1, 2023



      March 1, 2023



      April 3, 2023



      May 1, 2023

    Parents should keep all receipts as their proof-of-payment. 
    No end-of-year statement will be issued.


    Penalty Charges

    A Late Payment Penalty of $25.00 will be charged to all accounts not paid in full by the end of the first week of each month. Troy City Schools may discontinue services if tuition is two weeks or more delinquent.

    LATE PICKUP FEES will be charged if a student is picked up after operating hours. The operating hours for Troy City Schools Pre-K Program are from 7:15 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    If you pick your child up after 5:30 p.m., parents will be charged $25.00 for every 15 minutes after that time.  Phone calls to notify of late arrival will not exempt a late fee charge. Accounts will be billed.


    Returned Check Fees

    Any checks returned to Troy City Schools by our bank will be billed for the $35.00 service charge.  When the Center receives three or more returned checks from a client, we will no longer accept checks as a method of payment from that client. Returned checks must be paid out before another check is taken.


    Delinquent Accounts

    If accounts are two weeks or more delinquent, Troy City Schools may discontinue services. Parents will be notified in writing of this procedure. 


    Withdrawal Policy

    If a parent decides to withdraw from the program, a two weeks notice is required. Any parent failing to do so will be charged their normal tuition rate for two weeks. 




    An Alabama Certificate of Immunization prepared and signed by your physician's office must be on file with the school nurse prior to your child beginning the program.



    Research-based and field-tested, Opening the World of Learning (OWL) by Scott Foresman is a comprehensive integrated, Pre-K curriculum designed to develop language and early literacy skills in the context of rich content - primarily in the areas of mathematics, science, and social studies. Unit topics include Family, Friends, Wind and Water, World of Color, Shadows and Reflections, and Things That Grow.



    The Pre-K schedule will consist of whole group activities, small group activities, outside playtime and nap time (not to exceed 45 minutes). Small group activities will include time in the block center, math and manipulative center, science center, reading center, dramatic play/home living center, art center, music/listening center and writing center. Students will also have time to visit the library.



    Each classroom will be equipped with Smart Boards for interactive learning. Students will also have access to iPads during learning centers.



    Pre-K students will not be required to wear any type of school uniform.