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    Posted by Dawn Key on 1/19/2021

    This is the moment all of our CSD students have been waiting for...the opportunity to learn more about why and how apps are designed and created and actually go through the process themselves. I hope the students enjoy working on this virtual team project. Each group and individual has a Google Slides project already created from class, complete with labeled slides and a discussion/question/comment slide for virtual team work. They will be instructed throughout the week which slides will be due each day. 

    There will be a few simple assignments along the way, such as adding vocabulary to our Interactive Notebook and/or our already-created Quizlet for CSD. That informaion will be provided at the appropriate time.

    Mrs. Key's Virtual Instruction Guide

    First week of ALL VIRTUAL LEARNING...

    Day 1 (Wednesday) - Make sure you have your Team Name on the first slide and add your finalized App Name to the corresponding Google Slide. (The students' app name may change during the project assignment as they might find a more fitting name once they begin working on it.)


    Day 2 (Thursday) - Begin working on slides 3 and 4 (add at least one question/comment you may have for your team members at this point and at least two app ideas) This is ALL you need to do for Day 2 of CSD. Hope all is going well for you guys. :)


    Day 3 (Friday) - Each student will submit, through sharing his or her Google Slides project, the updated Slides, to me at keyd@troyschools.net. This will need to be submitted by 3:30 on Friday, January 22, 2021. Grades will be reflective of submitting or not by 3:30. Points will be deducted for late submission if a parent has not communicated why his or child can not submit this assignment. I am available by phone or email today unitl 3:00 p.m. if you all need anything. The actual submission of this file and the contents on the Google Slides project will count as a grade, so two different grades. The students had time during class to discuss and complete at least the first two slides. We set up all the slides for this project in class together, so the titles should all be labeled at the top. 

    Yay! We made it through the first week of ALL VIRTUAL! Remember, you've got this! 

    Monday, January 25th - Students need to continue to check their emails and Schoology daily for updates and information. There will be a mandatory Zoom session this week...check your email for information. 

    January 27th - Mandatory Zoom session that counts as a participation grade. 

    January 28th - Discussion assignment about Virtual Learning due...This can be found in Schoology in our Design Process folder, the last discussion item within that folder, and it was posted and available since January 22nd. The discussion should have 2-5 sentences to receive full credit. This will count as a participation grade.

    February 2nd - Mandatory Zoom session that will count as a participation grade...11:30 (This will be a short session unless you want to hang on afterwards for support). :) Check your email for Zoom information. This will count as a class participation grade. Be sure your parents notify me by email if you will not be able to make it. (There will NOT be a make-up session for this Zoom...If I do not recieve notification from your parents as to why you can not join, a grade of 0 will be entered). Every one should be in a good routine by now. Remember to use correct Zoom etiquette, as listed on the sheet I gave you in class. Please make sure you are focused and not distracting others during the session. 

    February 3rd - Make-up Zoom session for those that missed the first mandatory one. A grade of 0 will remain for those who do not join and missed the first one if I am not directly contacted by your parent of why you can not join. 

    Februry 4th - Two slides in App Design Project due by 11:59 p.m...Your app ideas completed and your first screen design of your proposed app...this needs to look nice and well thought out on your slide. You may do your own on your slides if working with your team is not working out virtually. Make SURE you share these with me to my email. Sharing this assignment will count as a grade, just like the last submission. 

    February 5th - Discussion assignment in Schoology due...this will count as a participation grade. Please use correct grammar, proper capitlization and complete sentences in your response. Check your folder in our course. The video link and discussion information is there. Also, any assignemnts not submitted by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, February 5th, will remain a 0. We will continue on our project in class on Monday and will not go back to work on old assignments.

    I look forward to seeing you all on Monday in class!

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