Diana Barrett
Ms. Diana Barrett

Phone: 334- 566-5770 Ext 4107


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Ms. Diana Barrett

Hey! My name is Diana Barrett and I teach Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra, and 7th Grade Math.  This is my second year teaching at the BEST school, Charles Henderson Middle. I graduated from Troy University in May of 2017 with my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and a minor in Psychology. I am so excited to teach your child this year!

Algebra 1

  • October 1st - October 5th


    M:  Lesson 2.4 (Graphing Equations in Standard Form)


    T:  Lesson 2.6 (Writing Equations in Point Slope Form)


    W: Chapter 2 Open Note Quiz/Review


    Th: Check Chapter 2 Review/ Slope Foldable


    F: Chapter 2 Test


Pre - Algebra

  • October 1st - October 5th


    M: Module 4.5 (Solving Multi-Step Equations )


    T: Solving Equations Book Work  Pg 6 and Pg 14


    W: Module 4.5 (Solving Multi-Step Equations)


    Th: Solving Multi-Step Equations Coloring Activity


    F:   Module 4.5 Equations Quiz

7th Grade Math

  • October 1st - October 5th


    M: Module 1.11 (Identifying Proportional Relationships With Fractions)     KCF Practice


    T: Module 1.11 (Identifying Proportional Relationship With Fractions)


    W: Module 1.11 (Identifying Proportional and Nonproportional Relationships Using Graphs)


    Th: Module 2.1 (Opposite Quantities Combine To Make Zero)


    F:  Module 2.1 (Opposite Quantities Combine To Make Zero)