Dr. Lee Hicks
  • My educational philosophy is simple:  Inspire, Challenge and Respect. A good educator and leader will encompass these three traits and apply them in their job, daily life, and in their classroom.  I believe in communicating these traits by exhibiting these passionately everyday in all that I say and do.  My educational philosophy is based on my values and priorities which gives me greater self knowledge, greater self confidence, and improved effectiveness as a leader.

    Inspiration means that you have to find the “core” in students and staff to spark their desire and motivation. If this is achieved, the person will become self motivated and learn to establish goals from within.

    To challenge is to always push the “core”, encourage and help feed the eagerness. Both students and teachers need to be confronted with goals and expected outcomes.  Establishing expectations makes both teachers and students achieve their best in academics and in employee evaluations.

    Respect is the most powerful of role models. I am ever aware of the awesome obligation I have to “walk my talk” with employees and students.  I expect the best of myself and others; therefore, I usually get the best. I treat all people fairly, with dignity and respect, and I expect everyone in the Troy City Schools to do so also.