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Ms. Joyce Cooper

Welcome to our class page.  My name is Ms. Joyce Cooper and I have been in Troy, Alabama for 33 years.  My two daughters came through the Troy City School system and I have been at Troy Elementary School for 24 years.  The first few years I ran the Science Lab which has since become the Computer Lab.  The rest of the time I have been teaching first grade.  My oldest daughter lives in Tuscaloosa and my youngest daughter lives with her husband in Kirkland, WA.  When I am not working on school related things, I love to sew and do craft projects or go to the beach.  My biggest project right now is making all kinds of things for my baby granddaughter.

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    Today is Monday…today is Monday…all day long…all day long. My helper would be putting another sun on our weather graph today. This weather has been so nice and I hope you have plenty of time to go out and play in it. Perfect ball weather if they were playing softball or baseball. Boys and girls, I have been busy packing things up into goodie bags for everyone. All of your journals, school supplies, owls, your science book and other folders will be in there along with some surprises. I have also made a summer practice packet filled with reading and math skillsheets that we never got to do. These will help you get ready for next year. You can pick these up at the school next Monday, May 18th from 12:00 – 3:00 in our car rider spot. This will also give us a chance to say good-bye for the summer. I will not be teaching first grade next year but I plan to come in and volunteer so I will look for you next year at lunch. Then I can check for names on the AR walls and look at your work on the walls outside your classrooms. I miss you all so very much! This week I have been looking at my Scavenger hunt clues and this is what I found:

    *red – a cardinal at my bird feeder     *yellow – a sweater my granddaughter Maddy had on     *orange – some fabric in a quilt I am making     * green – the soft grass outside that made me sneeze after it had been cut     *blue – the ocean water near my mother’s house I watch on a cam     *purple – the shirt I got for Mother’s Day     *red fruit – strawberries that I have been making into pies     *yellow animal – my parakeet Sunny had yellow on her     *orange vegetable – a carrot going into my stew     *green plant – the Pothos in our classroom that tickled you at the Listening Center     *purple flower – the violets growing in my yard     *blue outside – a bluebird at my bird feeder

    Those were the things I found. How did you do? I am posting one more Scavenger Hunt today. This is called an Inventor Scavenger Hunt. Let me know how you do.

    *Find something you can turn

    *Find something that is bumpy

    *Find something that is metal

    *Find something you put together

    *Find 3 things that are round

    *Find something that you twist

    *Find something shiny

    *Find something that you can roll

    *Find a tube

    *Find 3 things that are squishy

    *Find something clear

    *Find something that can bounce

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  • Today is Monday…today is Monday…all day long…all day long.  Good morning! It is a beautiful morning and I am so happy because I will have a chance to see you one more time this school year. I have sent a copy of the personal item pick-up schedule through REMIND and I will also post it here. This is your time to come get your things that were left in our room. I will also pack up anything I told you would go home at the end of the year. Boys and girls, I bet you have been learning a lot at home. What, you are probably saying. Here is a list of some things you can do at home that are actually learning experiences:

    *cooking and baking – you are using math, reading and following direction skills

    *meal planning and grocery lists – you are using math and reasoning skills

    *budgeting – do you have enough money to buy what you need or want. Math skills

    *checking the weather – make a graph, check it out like we did in class

    *building with LEGOs if you have them – cognitive skills

    *card games – we played Compare and Double Compare which is another name for War

    *board games – great brain boosters and practice for winning and losing

    *puzzles – Dollar Tree used to have a number of these

    *just play – have fun pretending

    *listen to music – enjoy it, dance, draw a picture if it makes you think of something

    *READ – all the time

    *coloring, drawing, painting – even adults have coloring books now. I do.

    *write letters or send e-mails – practice handwriting and communication skills. Remember those capital letters and punctuation marks.

    *cleaning and doing chores – good household management

    *take a walk – what do you see as you walk. The coaches would be proud.

    Whatever you do, have fun and do your best. I cannot wait to see my I Can Kids on the 18th. I love you and miss you very much!

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  • Troy Elementary School

    Drive-In Awards and Personal Item Pick Up






    May 15




    May 18




    May 18

    1st grade



    May 19

    2nd grade



    May 19

    3rd grade



    May 20

    4th grade



    May 20

    5th grade



    May 21

    6th grade




    • Teachers will have awards and personal items ready for student pick up.
    • Please have a SIGN in your car window with your student’s name and teacher name to facilitate a smoother process.
    • Refunds for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade field trips will be distributed under the portico at the front office. After collecting items and awards from pick up areas, please re-enter campus and drive to the front office area. You will need to sign for your trip refund.




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  • Good morning! Today is Monday…today is Monday…all day long…all day long. I hope you remember our morning songs. Since I can’t sing them with you, I sing them with my parakeet. Sometimes he even chirps along with me. This week we also say “good-bye” to April and “hello” to May. You can still do that on Friday. Last week I gave you a book scavenger hunt. Most of my books are still in school but I found a few things in Jennifer and Catie’s books. Here is what I found:

    *Find an animal in a book – The Furry Animal Alphabet Book has a lot of animals

    *Find someone helping someone in a book – Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolutions

    *Find a picture of a sun in a book – The old lady swallowed the sun in There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog

    *Find a book that makes you laugh – A Frog in the Bog

    *Find a bug in a book – Little Critter has bugs all over in Just a Little Homework

    *Find someone sleeping in a book – Sleepy Dog

    *Find a pet in a book – the snake in The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash

    *Find a cat in a book – If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

       I have a new scavenger hunt for you this week. It has been so sunny and pretty out that we can see bright beautiful colors everywhere so I have a rainbow scavenger hunt for you this week. Let me know what you find. Love you and miss all of you!

    *Find something red

    *Find something yellow

    *Find something orange

    *Find something green

    *Find something blue

    *Find something purple

    *Name a fruit that is red

    *Name an animal that is yellow

    *Name a vegetable that is orange

    *Name a plant that is green

    *Name a flower that is purple

    *Name something outside that is blue

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  • Today is Monday…today is Monday…all day long…all day long. It seems like yesterday was just last Monday and we were checking out storm damage. I hope you were all safe from the storm and that if you lost power, you will get it back soon. It was a very scary night! For those of you using the AR site, there should be a book about Clifford and a thunderstorm. Some of my classes used to read it when we had a storm at school. My copy is in the classroom. Since I am talking about books, I decided to post a Book Scavenger Hunt. I hope everyone is reading their stories in the reading packet and other books and stories. Some of you may even be writing your own stories from what I hear. Yeah! You will have to show me them! Here is the new scavenger hunt for this week:

    *Find an animal in a book

    *Find the word spring in a book

    *Find someone helping someone in a book

    *Find a picture of a sun in a book

    *Find a book that makes you laugh

    *Find a bug in a book

    *Find someone sleeping in a book

    *Find a character eating in a book

    *Find a pet in a book

    *Find a cat in a book

    *Find a superhero in a book

    *Find a bike in a book

    Let me know what you find using my school e-mail or REMIND. Have a great week!

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  • Today is Monday…today is Monday…all day long…all day long! I hope you all had a happy Easter and were safe last night.  Things got pretty scary there for a while. I hope you are all getting a chance to work on your practice packets and are doing some reading each day. Next time we can get together I will have your Book Buddy books for you – three new ones! If you have any questions, please contact me through REMIND or my school e-mail If I don’t know the answers, I will do my best to find them. I hope you enjoyed the scavenger hunt last week. There will be a new one this week. Hope you have a great week! Here are some new live streams and webcam sites that might be fun to check out:

    Facebook Live Streams: Elmwood Park Zoo, New England Aquarium, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Loggerhead Marinelife Center and the Cape May County Park/Zoo.

    Live webcams on site: San Diego Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Houston Zoo, Georgia Aquarium and the Chester Zoo



    *Find 2 pencils and a blue crayon. How many items do you have now?

    *Find 5 books and 2 pennies. How many items do you have now? Take away 3 books. How many items are left?

    *Find 4 socks and 2 stuffed animals. How many items do you have altogether?

    *Find 8 crackers. Eat 4 of them. How many are left?

    *Find 3 spoons, 4 books and 1 orange crayon. How many items do you have all together?

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  • Reading Options & Instructions for Accelerated Reader


    There are a few options in locating books to read that your students have access to.  The site is for you to locate the reading level and availability of AR Quiz.  It is not the actual books.  The following are digital options for books to read:

    1. Troy City Schools Digital Library: They will use their library number to login to Troy Elementary library on the computer.  If you need this number, contact me by email
    2. You can also download the Sora App on your devices and use the library number to login. This is the same Overdrive books as mentioned above.
    3. Troy Elementary Abdo Digital Library: 

                 Username: troy

                 Password:  tes

    1. Newly shared from Renaissance, myOn Shared Account with over 6,000 books and News articles to read.

    Log in Info:

    • School Name: Read at Home
    • Username: readnow
    • Password: myon

    **The majority of books do have an associated AR quiz to go with it; however, there are some that do not.


    Instruction for AR quizzes:

    Login to

    Make sure you use this complete link to go into our school account.

    If your child does not remember their username and password, they can contact their teacher or Ms. Kitchens @

    Username and password are case sensitive and must be ALL lowercase.

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